Window tinting - managing customer expectations

When running your own window tinting business, dealing with customers can be one of the most challenging aspects. With the rise of online reviews and social media, an unhappy customer has the potential to seriously damage your business reputation, especially if you are a new tinting business just starting out.Happy window tint customers

I have found that managing the expectations of customers before doing a job is one of the most important factors, and will reduce problems at a later stage. If your customer is expecting a flawless factory tinted car then you should explain the differences with aftermarket tint so they’re not disappointed when they receive their car back.

Explain that the dot matrix will inevitably give some sort of silvery border around the tinted rear windscreen and any fixed windows. I have had customers in the past who have decided not to get their car tinted after explaining this – better this than wasting time your time doing the job and then them demanding a refund!
Also explain that a few spots of contamination (obviously within reason) in the window tint are unavoidable (we don’t work in a vacuum!).

Another thing to mention is the drying time of window tint. When the customer comes to pick up their car the tint may still be patchy and hazy – if this is explained before-hand, the customer will know that this is normal.

Window tint customer checklist

I’ve put together a customer sheet (click here to download), thanks to, that you can show to customers and explain before you carry out any work.
If you collect customer emails, a good way of building reviews is to send them out an email a few days after the job. If they’re happy ask them to fill out a review, and if they’re not, get them to contact you to sort out any issue.

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