Professional Starter Pack

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Professional Starter Pack

This is a brilliant pack for anyone new or old in the window tinting industry.

The pack includes all the material's and equipment needed to tackle most window tinting jobs!

Or maybe you are looking to replace your stock and replace your old tools.

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All the window tinting film needed for getting started. Film included:

  • WTWINDOWFILMS - 1-Ply dyed - 5% - 20" x 30m
  • WTWINDOWFILMS - 1-Ply dyed - 5% - 30" x 30m
  • WTWINDOWFILMS - 1-Ply dyed - 20% - 20" x 30m
  • WTWINDOWFILMS - 1-Ply dyed - 20% - 30" x 30m

All the the tools you will need to fit window tint's to any vehicle. Tools includes:

  • 1x Silverline 1500W Heat Gun - Excellent heat gun, used for shrinking window film to size when fitting to the rear windscreen or curved windows.
  • 2x Conquerer Pro Squeegee - An excellent all-in-one car window tinting tool.
    Soft rubber edge on one side and hard edge on the other, with pointed end for getting into awkward corners. Use this to remove the majority of solution from behind the film.
  • 2x 4" Teflon Squeegee - hard squeegee used to removed any stubborn bubbles the Conquerer can't get.
  • 2x Lil Chizler - extremely handy tool no tinter should be without. Small enough to fit into the tightest gaps and hard enough to remove stubborn bubbles, minor imperfections and blemishes during installations.
  • 2x Ez Reach Gold - very handy tool - Window tinting hard card designed specifically to get to hard to reach areas so you can smooth down those little corners and remove creases.
  • 1x Olfa Knife - essential for cutting and trimming film - Best knife on the market for window tinting.
  • 1x 500ML Tint Slime - Mix a few drops of Tint Slime window tinting solution with water to make your soapy solution essential for applying tint. Comes in a plain bottle.
  • 5x Scrub Pad 9" x 6" - essential for cleaning windows prior to installation.
  • 1x Pressure Spray Bottle - use to hold you tint solution.
  • 1x The Scrubber - Use for cleaning the window prior to installing, essential to use when installing window tint, especially with saloon and coupe vehicles. 
  • 1x The Bulldozer - essential to use when installing window tint, especially with saloon and coupe vehicles. 
    Use for cleaning the window prior to installing, and for squeegeeing out bubbles from behind the tint once applied.
  • 1x Unger Pro Squeegee Handle - The Unger Pro Handle is an industry standard featuring a rubber-coated, versatile squeegee handle  that will work with many different squeegee blade arrangements. For use with our blue max squeegee.
  • 1x 5" Blue Max Squeegee Blade - Installation squeegee for automotive and flat glass applications. Essential piece of kit. For use with our Unger Pro Squeegee Handle.

Free item's included:

  • WT T-Shirt - Available in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL *
  • Mirror Hangers - Used to hang in customers vehicles explaining the after care needed.
  • WT Key Right Light

* The WT T-Shirt maybe sent separately due to ordering in size required. Please once order has been placed send us a message letting us know your T-shirt size.

We have sample rolls of our Standard and HP+ window films available - please click here to request a sample.